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[S3E21] A Secret Letter And A Lowly Disc Of Pro...

When Aang first truly met Toph, he recognized her talent and remembered both his swamp vision and Bumi's advice of finding a teacher who listened before striking. Wanting to talk to her, he accidentally defeated her in an Earth Rumble match and lost her the championship, causing her to initially dislike him. Later, while the Avatar tried to persuade her to be his earthbending teacher, Toph, fearing her parent's wrath if they discovered her secret life as the Blind Bandit, declined the offer; however, after a dinner fiasco in front of her parents, she "[called] a truce" with Aang and agreed to that with him. The two took a stroll about the garden, and she explained why she could not leave her parents. Following her parents' discovery of her talent and her pseudonym, Toph joined Team Avatar in order to teach Aang earthbending.[59] After a sleepless night, Toph accused Appa of leading Azula to him, and an enraged Aang snapped her, causing her to temporarily leave the group. Acting on Iroh's advice, she rejoined them at a moment of crisis and helped in the fight against Azula in Tu Zin.[43] Afterward, Toph officially began teaching Aang earthbending. She had a much different teaching approach than Katara, one akin to that of an army drill sergeant: Just like their elements, Aang and Toph's personalities were complete opposites. At first, he was intimidated by Toph's bold nature and tried to work peacefully around it, but he eventually learned to stand up to her after fighting a saber-tooth moose lion and took back his staff, which she had been using as a nutcracker.[61] When the group found itself stranded in the Si Wong Desert, Aang, believing that Toph had allowed Appa to be captured due to her previous complaints about him, yelled at her in a fit of anger.[35]

[S3E21] A Secret Letter and a Lowly Disc of Pro...

During the invasion, Aang, along with Sokka and Toph, infiltrated a secret Fire Nation bunker; the Avatar planned to defeat the Fire Lord, who would be powerless due to the eclipse. As the Fire Princess had learned of the invasion while masquerading as a Kyoshi Warrior[19] in Ba Sing Se, she was prepared for the team and lay in wait in what was normally the Fire Lord's secret chamber; after the Avatar burst into the room, she deployed a pair of Dai Li agents and proceeded to attempt to escape in order to distract him and his friends from reaching Ozai before the end of the eclipse. Though her agents were defeated, the firebending prodigy continued to torment them even while shackled to the wall; the group realized what she was doing and tried to ignore her diversions until Azula provoked Sokka by informing him that Suki was her prisoner. Though Aang attempted to convince Sokka to cease the fruitless interrogation, the warrior's anger was unquenchable, and the Fire Princess was able to keep the group from successfully finding Ozai until the eclipse ended, at which point she easily escaped. Following the subsequent defeat of the invasion force, Aang and the other children, leaving behind the bulk of their friends and family, left on Appa. As she knew he would return, and because the airships moved more slowly than a sky bison, Azula chose not to pursue them.[17]

After Toph discovered that Liling was holding a secret rally, there was no denying that the woman was an outright bender supremacist who wanted to compound the existing social tensions in the city. A fight broke out between the woman's supporters and Team Avatar, and although Aang attempted to defuse the situation, she was arrested and brought back to the refinery after Suki chi-blocked her.[78]

Prior to the Avatar's return, Zhao had come across a secret library, where he discovered the mortal forms of the Moon, Tui, and Ocean, La, spirits. Having finally received permission from the Fire Lord, the admiral led a huge armada to the North Pole in order to destroy the Northern Water Tribe, where Aang was learning waterbending, and slay the Moon Spirit - the source of waterbending itself.[80] Zhao attacked the Northern Water Tribe, and Aang was quick to retaliate, yet there were far too many Fire Navy ships. Desperate, the Avatar meditated and entered the Spirit World to seek help, but, unbeknownst to him, his physical body was captured by Prince Zuko.[67] 041b061a72


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