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Practice materials - Goethe-Institut

Jawohl, mein lieber Freund! Und gutes Zusammenhalt zwischen FAI und Goethe! Dass Sie dabei freundlich und empfohlenen und freundlichen Herkunft und Vorbild ist, kann keinem bestehn. Sagt mir, wie ich ueberpruefen kann, dass ich dieses Dokument wegen meines Aufenthalts aus dem TIS-Dokument gekauft hat. Erhalten Sie von uns den Betrag.

Goethe Zertifikat B1 Modelltest Pdf Download

And yes, I did! But Im terribly sorry that my answer did not exactly answer your question. Im trying to be honest and direct, to be as helpful as I can. I would love to help you with your Goethe exam preparation. So could you help me first to verify that this certificate really belongs to you? I checked and can not find it in the Goethe Institute

Language may be requested for the Modelltest B1 when you are registered for the exam.Please note that this is not available for take-home exams. For information about the available languages of exam modules, please check the exam website where you register for the exam.

Your exam fee will be non-refundable, but can be transferred to another application. If you find your exam application has been rejected or has expired, you can search for another exam in the Goethe Institute Registration system.

Discover the course not entirely in the medium of textbooks. The source material of the Goethe Zertifikat B1 is extensive and also includes audio and video materials, for example, the two audio CDs for the module listening. Audio CDs are also available in the respective series of Werkstatt.

A new volume? In the sound materials in Werkstatt, everything is possible. Within the sound materials, you find everything from music Modelltest to exam preparation material. The Modelltest and exam preparations are suitable for different learning speed and for different levels of German knowledge. Whether you want to supplement the learning material or prepare for the exam with audio and video materials or you want to prepare for the exam with the guidelines and support material of a tutor: you can do it all with Werkstatt! The audio CDs are available online as a download from the web page of the Goethe Institute, your regional office or the individual exam centres.


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