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Farmax Excursions On Density Pdf Downloadl

Farmax Excursions on Density PDF Download

Farmax Excursions on Density is a book by the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV, edited by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Richard Koek. It explores the concept of density in urban design and presents various projects and studies by MVRDV that illustrate their vision of high-density living. The book was published in 1998 by 010 Publishers in Rotterdam.

Farmax Excursions On Density Pdf Downloadl

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The book consists of 736 pages of illustrations, diagrams, texts and interviews that showcase the research and production of MVRDV. The book covers topics such as urbanism, architecture, landscape, ecology, culture, politics and economy. The book also includes a CD-ROM with interactive models and animations of some of the projects.

The book is divided into four parts: Introduction, FARMAX, Excursions and Conclusion. The Introduction provides an overview of the concept and context of density and its implications for urban design. The FARMAX part presents 15 projects by MVRDV that explore different aspects and possibilities of high-density living, such as vertical villages, hybrid buildings, compact cities and megastructures. The Excursions part consists of 12 studies by MVRDV that examine various scenarios and locations of high-density development, such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Amsterdam. The Conclusion summarizes the main findings and lessons learned from the book and proposes some guidelines and recommendations for future urban design.

The book is available for download in PDF format from several sources online. One of them is the Ghent University Library website, where you can find the full bibliographic details and a link to download the file. Another source is the WorldCat website, where you can search for libraries near you that have a copy of the book or request an interlibrary loan. A third source is the WestminsterResearch website, where you can access a PhD thesis by Claire Harper that analyzes the book and its impact on urban design theory and practice.

If you are interested in learning more about density and urban design, Farmax Excursions on Density is a valuable resource that offers a comprehensive and innovative perspective on the topic. You can download the PDF file from any of the sources mentioned above or buy a hard copy from online or offline bookstores.


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