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The Assembly Hall is an elegant building, like anopera house upon the inner side. These three structuresare within one enclosure; a huge wall shuts them outfrom the busy street, and around the Temple is a strongiron fence, beyond which the foot of a Gentile is notallowed to enter. None but the saints go into the sacredprecincts.1 During the years that the Temple wasbeing built the priests, in order to keep up the courageof the Mormons and stimulate them to greater zeal andThe facts stated in this chapter were obtained from leadingGentiles and Mormons in Salt Lake City.activity in raising money for its completion, told themthat as soon as the Temple was finished the Lord wouldcome and occupy a room in it. When the last toucheshad been given, and the Temple stood an assured reality,and the Lord did not come, Elder Woodruff, presidentof the State Church, said he had a revelation fromGod that He was offended because the Gentiles had beenallowed to gain a foothold in Utah, and that Christwould not appear. Further, that the wrath of Godcould be appeased only by unceasing work to evangelizethe world. They are now sending out their missionariesby the hundreds; some of them boys not out of their teens. By this means, and the thorough organizationof the church in every branch, Mormonism isgrowing tremendously. It cannot be realized or appreciatedby those who are far removed from its centre,or who have never been given an object-lesson of itsstrength.

Junior Miss Teen Nudist Pageant 'LINK'

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