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Buy Gas Patio Heater

Investing in a patio heater is a great way to extend the entertaining outdoor season any time of the year. Patio heaters are designed to add enough warmth to make staying outdoors comfortable even when the temperatures are chilly. So, start up the grill, light some tiki torches, and let the patio heater keep everyone warm and toasty.

buy gas patio heater

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We tested the top heaters based on heat output, use, and style. The best patio heater enhances enjoyment of outdoor living and provides heat exactly where you need it on chilly days or nights. Each of the top picks below was selected after an in-depth review of the market and thorough product vetting. Ahead, learn the important features of outdoor heaters before you shop, and find out why our testing revealed the following products are worthy of a second look.

Fortunately, many of the larger heaters were easy to maneuver thanks to wheels on the base. The few that did not would be a better option if the heater is placed and stored in a single location. For patios without overhead coverage, a heater with a cover is strongly recommended.

Consider power source, material, design, safety features, and more to find the best patio heaters to keep warm. While needs vary, the following patio heaters are all at the top of their respective categories, and any one of them would be a suitable choice.

While the main function of a patio heater is to maintain a comfortable outdoor temperature, many go the extra mile to help create a cozy or romantic feeling. Some tabletop styles incorporate glass rocks that reflect various light colors, while others produce flickering flames that add a dreamy feel.

Except for the smallest space heaters, most propane patio heaters feature a cabinet that conceals the propane tank to create a cleaner look. For the best aesthetics, select a material that blends with the style of the home and patio. A sleek stainless steel patio heater will enhance the look of a contemporary home with modern décor, while a cast-iron firepit would better suit a rustic cabin getaway.

Anything that produces enough heat to warm a patio comes with some safety challenges. Manufacturers reduce the risk of burns by encasing patio heaters in materials that remain cool to the touch or placing the heating element above a level where humans can reach it (in the case of tower-style heaters). Still, consider the following tips to more safely use a patio heater.

When it comes to electric patio heaters, the real cost often comes in paying the utility bill because electricity is usually (not always) more expensive than either natural gas or propane. That said, electric heaters are a less expensive option.

When it comes to patio heaters, one size does not fit all. Natural gas and propane patio heaters range from around 5,000 to 40,000 BTUs or more. Choose an option that best suits the level of desired heat output.

Place a gas patio heater and a freestanding electric patio heater a minimum of 3 feet from walls and other items, such as furniture. However, some electric heaters are designed to be safe even if mounted on a wall or ceiling, so it depends on the type.

Most electric patio heaters are designed for use in sheltered patio conditions, like under a covered or enclosed patio. A small gas patio heater, such as a tabletop model, can usually operate safely under a covered patio, but a traditional tower-style model may stand too high (within 5 feet of the ceiling) for safe use.

Why have we focused on gas patio heaters in this article rather than electric? The easiest answer to this question is to look at the difference between the two power inputs and weigh up the features of both.

Wall / Ceiling-mounted heaters are the safest option if you have young children and pets since the object is out of reach. These require permanent installation to safely secure to your wall and are ideal if you have limited outdoor space.

Heat can be dangerous - especially around young children and animals. Fortunately, many gas patio heaters are fitted with safety features. Look out for a tip-over switch on portable heaters. This switch triggers an automatic shut-off when the heater is tilted past a certain angle.

Ensure you have enough space for the heater to prevent it from coming into contact with flammable materials. Never squeeze a heater in a tight space, and allow 30 inches of clearance around the heater. You should also choose an appropriate BTU to suit your surface area and weather to avoid you and guests having to sit too close to the unit.

This Patio Comfort heater is fitted with a heavy-duty door latching mechanism to prevent accidental access to the propane cylinder, making it a safe purchase. This unit is convenient to use as it features a match-free ignition. Simply turn your heater on by pushing a button.

TheSunpack Two-Stage heater is fueled by propane or natural gas, making it a highly efficient heating solution. The unit is slim and can be mounted to a ceiling or wall. Your purchase includes a remote and wireless wall switch that enables you to control the heating settings at the push of a button.

This gas patio heater can heat a 12 x 12-foot area and features an automatic control system, so you can obtain the exact amount of heat power you need. The high-efficiency ceramic infrared burner system is designed to keep you warm and toasty while outdoors.

The unit has a heat output of 25,000 - 34,000 BTU, making it an exceptional choice for summer nights when the sun goes door. This heater is also powerful enough to keep guests warm during winter, too.

Outdoor gas patio heaters will mostly use stainless steel, since this is durable, easy to clean and helps heat to disperse. You may also find copper elements. This material is an excellent conductor of heat and allows hot air to pass through it quickly.

The stainless steel natural gas patio heater is one of the most powerful on the market, with an output of an amazing 45,000 BTUs. Constructed of stainless steel, this heavy-duty unit features an electronic ignition system and mounting plate for permanent installation. The unit has a gas hose that extends from the head unit to the base, with exposure at the base. This heater operates on natural gas, so there is no need to worry about changing out a propane tank during your outdoor gathering. This superior patio heater is perfect for the serious outdoor entertainer.

The impressive natural gas hammered bronze heater with integrated ignition features a heavy-duty design and enough heat to warm even the chilliest evenings. This easy-to-use natural gas heater puts you in control of the temperature. It can keep an area 10 feet in diameter toasty warm for hours. For your added safety, the patio heater also features thermocouples and anti-tilt safety devices. Natural gas, hose not included.

The impressive Natural Gas Stainless Steel Heater with integrated ignition features a heavy-duty design and enough heat to warm even the chilliest evenings. This easy-to-use natural gas heater puts you in control of the temperature. It can keep an area 10 feet in diameter toasty warm for hours. For your added safety, the patio heater also features thermocouples and anti-tilt safety devices.

Just because your patio is outdoors doesn't mean it needs to be cold during the winter months! This glass tube patio heater keeps your patio warm on cold nights, so you can entertain guests no matter the conditions. This propane-fueled, 38,000 BTU heater heats a 10-foot diameter space, making it perfect for hangouts during cooler days and nights. Crafted from metal with a quartz glass tube, this contemporary heater makes a great addition to your outdoor space.

The patio heater offers ample heat output, turning any chilly evening into a cozy warm. With extensive firepower, it allows an even wider radius of heat output. The gas patio heater delivers quiet, mesmerizing, consistent heat--with no smoke, flames, or odor.

A designed, cost-conscious product range that does not sacrifice aesthetics for function. The patented direct ignition system, never before seen on an outdoor gas radiant heater, ensures a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds of up to 8 mph. Easy pivot arm provides greater positioning versatility and heat coverage. In the instance of the unit blowing out, it will attempt to reignite 3 times, if this is unsuccessful the unit will shut down.

Big things really do come in small packages! Stay toasty warm wherever life takes you with the Mr. Heater indoor outdoor portable little buddy propane heater. This 3800 BTU heater is compact but mighty. Its small size makes it ideal for anywhere you need a quick and easy source of heat. From decks to campsites, garages to hunting blinds, and so much more, this little heater will have you covered. The Little Buddy Heater is also ideal for emergency situations. This little dude utilizes a 45-degree heating angle to send the radiant heat where you need it most. You'll be able to heat any space of up to 1000 square feet with this heater. Not only will you be warm, but you'll be safe too. This heater features heavy-duty wire guards, an automatic shutoff for accidental tip-overs, and an oxygen depletion sensor to keep you protected. This heater is safe for indoor and outdoor use. Let Mr. Heat help you out and heat things up with the Little Buddy propane heater.

We'd like to propose a toast to this 3-Pack Mr. Heater portable buddy outdoor propane gas heater for keeping our outdoor enthusiasts toasty warm. If you often find yourself feeling chilly in your tent, camper, garage, barn, in your hunting blind, or at your game day tailgate, this portable propane heater is there to heat things up. It's a lovely little heater for increasing temps in enclosed spaces up to 225 square feet. It shows off a Piezo igniter, tip-over safety, high and low heat settings, a folding carry handle, and one easy knob to control it all. Being cold is no joke, carry around this 3-Pack Mr. Heater portable buddy outdoor propane gas heater and stay warm in the great outdoors. 041b061a72


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