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MDK ARM 4.23 __FULL__

Tool Version Numbers:Toolchain: MDK-ARM Standard: 15 user Version: 4.23Toolchain Path: C:\Keil\4.23\ARM\BIN40C Compiler: Armcc.Exe V4.1.0.894Assembler: Armasm.Exe V4.1.0.894Linker/Locator: ArmLink.Exe V4.1.0.894Librarian: ArmAr.Exe V4.1.0.894Hex Converter: FromElf.Exe V4.1.0.894CPU DLL: SARMCM3.DLL V4.23Dialog DLL: DARMSTM.DLL V1.63.0.0Target DLL: UL2CM3.DLL V1.95Dialog DLL: TARMSTM.DLL V1.60

MDK ARM 4.23

Yes, I have installed an older version of uVision in C:\Keil. Ihave added the C:\Keil\4.23\uv4 to the PATH environment variable andboth DLL's from C:\Keil\4.23\uv4 to C:\Keil\UV4, but still I get theerror message.

Also, please note:- MDK plug-in only supports 32-bit Eclipse version.- UV4.exe version 4.23 is required. You can set path to correctexecutable via Eclipse preferences(Window->Preferences->uVision) 350c69d7ab


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