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Squinzano Marcia Sinfonica Spartito.pdf

Squinzano Marcia Sinfonica Spartito.pdf

Squinzano is a symphonic march composed by Michele Lufrano, an Italian musician and conductor. The march is dedicated to the town of Squinzano, located in the province of Lecce, in the Apulia region of southern Italy. Squinzano is known for its wine production and its musical tradition.

The march was first performed in 1998 by the Banda Musicale Città di Squinzano, directed by Lufrano himself. The march has a lively and festive character, with a catchy melody and a rich orchestration. The march is divided into three sections: an introduction, a trio, and a reprise. The introduction features a fanfare motif that is repeated throughout the march. The trio introduces a contrasting theme that is more lyrical and expressive. The reprise returns to the main theme and ends with a brilliant coda.

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The score of the march is available in PDF format on the internet. The score includes the parts for all the instruments of the wind band, such as clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, etc. The score also indicates the tempo, the dynamics, and the articulations for each section of the march. The score can be downloaded from the following links:

  • [Michele Lufrano - Squinzano (Marcia Sinfonica) - YouTube]

  • [\"Squinzano\" - Marcia Sinfonica - M. Lufrano - YouTube]

  • [Marce Sinfoniche di Nino Ippolito : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive]

The march is also available on YouTube, where it can be listened to and appreciated by music lovers. The videos show the performance of the march by different bands, such as the Banda Musicale Città di Squinzano, the Banda Musicale Città di Lecce, and the Banda Musicale Città di Taranto. The videos also show the images of the town of Squinzano and its surroundings, highlighting its beauty and culture.

Squinzano Marcia Sinfonica Spartito.pdf is a document that contains the musical score of a symphonic march that celebrates the town of Squinzano and its musical heritage. It is a document that can be used by musicians who want to play the march or by music enthusiasts who want to learn more about it.


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