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Where Can I Buy Cytomax

I I could have my story wrong, but I seem to remember Cytomax's parent company being bought out or the guy with the patent left the company or something like that. As a result, one organization kept the name while the other kept the formula (the original formula that WAS actually good). Point being, today's cytomax is not the same as the original that got so much attention back then. Even if I'm wrong about the company, cytomax changed somewhere along the way and totally sucks now.

where can i buy cytomax

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I have used Cytomax on and off for a few years and i think it is some of the best stuff out there. I have never had trouble with it although i do dilute it a bit. I find it doesn't taste as sugary as other drinks which i find helpful. I will say that the longer i go in a race the more i dilute any drink until the last few miles of a marathon are water. I have tried other stuff but find cytomax the best 041b061a72


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